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The work of Biblical scholars is usually published in specialist journals which, together with their highly technical language, remain inaccessible to the general public. SYNEIDON is dedicated to providing an accessible and non-technical introduction to the academic research of the Old and New Testament for everyone who wishes to widen their understanding and appreciation of these texts, regardless of faith or academic ability.


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Aims of the SYNEIDON Research Project

To provide informative and fun courses, all of which can be tailored to suit the needs of your church or group. The aim of each course is to stimulate thought and an active engagement with the Bible. 


To promote and disseminate current research in the Old and New Testament to a wider audience.


To encourage opportunities for interaction between faith-based and academic approaches to the study of the Bible.

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Dr. Richard Goode.

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Recent Research News

The Book of Revelation is not normally the place one would expect to find humour. However, one scholar suggests we should take another look. To find out go to the Research Digest.   

Research Profiles News

Alana Taylor is the newest recruit to the Research Profiles section and she joins us in our virtual Senior Common Room to tell us about her PhD research on teaching New Testament Greek. You can even ask her your own questions - and there is always an unlimited supply of (virtual) tea and biscuits!  

...New to the Site...                     ...New to the Site...

Biblical Studies Investigation

Go out into the field and try your hand with different investigative techniques in our interactive introduction to Biblical Studies designed especially for the complete and absolute beginner.                                                  

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Church and University                              

Is there a difference between studying the Bible at Church and in a University? 

Find the approach - with which you are the more familiar in our interactive 'Gospel or Gospels?' quiz.


Fill in the Blank...

Most people are familiar with the Lord's Prayer. However, what comes next?

"Give us this day our ________"

The answer might not be as obvious as some may think! 

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coffee and puzzle imagePut your feet up and give your brain some exercise. Our coffee-break problems are designed to offer you an introduction to various research questions (some old, some new) as well as some of the methodologies used in Biblical studies...

Course News

Look at the Gospel of Mark with newMark Through Different Eyes  eyes. This is a very special day-long course which explores a number of different aspects of Mark's Gospel, bringing a different perspective and a deeper understanding to this extremely important book. Book this course and make your church or group event a day to remember.


For more information about courses and for ideas of how hosting a course can promote your group/church or help mark a special event...

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For FAQs relating to booking and hosting a course...

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"The feedback I have received from those who participated [on the course] has been more than positive. Many have told me that they cannot wait to do this again… and we will!"

Rev Stephen Winter

Assistant Director of Development (Discipleship)

Diocese of Worcester

In the News  

The world's 'Oldest Bible' gets 44.1 million hits in one day

The launch online of the oldest near complete copy of the Bible, raised an unprecedented amount of interest worldwide...

For more on this story...

Sources - Telegraph, Independent, BBC, Daily Mail  06/07/09 Independent 0/7/07/09 


Is this the earliest image of St Paul?

Vatican archaeologists have claimed to have found a 4th Century fresco containing an image of Saint Paul.

For more on this story... 

Sources - Telegraph 28/06/09 Times, Daily Mail  29/06/09


A letter from the court of King David?

Does the discovery of a 3,000 year old shard of pottery provide us with our first piece of archaeological evidence for King David?

For more on this story...

Sources - Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday  31/10/08


Now you can read the oldest copy of the Bible

The British Library has completed the first phase of publishing online a digitised version of Codex Sinaiticus, earliest complete copy of the Bible.  

For more on this story...

Sources - Telegraph, Times, BBC  24/07/08


'Gabriel's Vision of Revelations' and Christ's resurrection 

Does a  first century BCE tablet known as Gabriel's Vision of Revelations provide the first concrete evidence for a Jewish belief that the messiah will be resurrected three days after his death?

For more on this story...

Sources - Telegraph, Independent, 08/07/08


How was Jesus Crucified?

The actual method employed by the Roman authorities to crucify Jesus has once more become the subject of debate.

For more on this story...

Source - Daily Mail, 17/03/08, Telegraph, 16/03/08


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