General Information about the Courses

The courses are designed to offer an opportunity for everyone (regardless of prior Biblical knowledge) to experience and engage with academic Biblical research.

They highlight the centrality of the Bible within Christianity and draw attention to its heritage, diversity and impact through the ages. 

Experimenting with a Heath-Robinson style wax writing tablet made with bee's wax and and an old picture frameEach course is professionally presented with artefacts and practical sessions (where appropriate) and with an accent on learning through fun.

Courses are usually one day (morning and afternoon or afternoon and evening) or an evening (2-2.5 hours). However, they can also run over several evenings to make a study week or severalDr. Helen Ingram with wax writing tablet days for a special Bible focussed weekend. The emphasis is upon flexibility and we always tailor courses to suit your requirements.

All materials and equipment will be provided. All you need to do is provide the venue (and, where necessary, the refreshments).

Please remember that the courses listed are only general outlines. Where possible, course can be designed to meet your specific requirements. 

"I think that what Richard Goode and Helen Ingram did with us was really rather wonderful. They took a group of enthusiastic people, few of whom had any knowledge at all of New Testament Greek, and some of whom had little experience of formal education at all  and not only did they make working with the Greek possible but also exciting and meaningful. We had all been taken back to the critical moment when the gospel writers were grappling with the mind blowing experience of the encounter with Jesus of Nazareth and trying desperately to find language that could do justice to it. We were with them too. The feedback I have received from those who participated has been more than positive. Many have told me that they cannot wait to do this again… and we will!"

Rev Stephen Winter

Assistant Director of Development (Discipleship)

Diocese of Worcester


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Ideas for how your church can use a SYNEIDON course

Bridge Building

Hold a course with other local churches/groups to explore the Bible together. Invite those from other faiths and see what perspectives they bring to, what you might have thought of as, a familiar text.

Special Events and Church Anniversaries

Celebrate a special day in your church calendar by holding a course. They are fun and can cater for all ages. Children (and adults) can make scrolls, have a go at being Paul's scribe using a wax writing tablet, as well as finding out how books began to supersede scrolls. Have fun and see the Bible come alive.

Outreach Events

Invite friends and interested neighbours to whet their appetite in the Bible. You'll be surprised how many non-church goers are interested in the history of the early church and its literature (canonical and non-canonical).

Bible Week/Weekend

Encourage and stimulate your church to think seriously about the Bible. Explore together one book (say Luke's Gospel).

 They are excellent for Lent study days and Bible weeks