Who Are We?

SYNEIDON Research Project is based at the Graduate Institute for Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham. It seeks to act as a resource for anyone interested in Biblical Studies to access academic research of the Bible.




As well as providing news of research currently being undertaken at Birmingham (and elsewhere), it also organises courses for local churches (or any interested group) which allow a direct and active engagement with the issues and questions raised by such research.




Flexibility is very much the key and although this site lists a number of courses, they provide only a broad outline. Course length, emphasis and level of knowledge will be tailored to individual requirements.




Unless specifically booking an 'advanced' level course or session, prior knowledge or language skills are not required.




Each course is designed with interaction in mind. Participation is encouraged and each session is treated as a time when we can have fun exploring issues and learning together.


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SYNEIDON comes from the Greek συνεῖδον which means either, ‘to see the whole' or 'to see together'.

It is used a couple of times in the New Testament by Luke; Acts 12.12 draws on the first sense, while Acts 14.6 is closer to the second meaning.

Both meanings are appropriate for this project. Academics tend to look at the Bible in one way and the Church in another. However, we can only begin to fully appreciate and understand the Bible when both communities get together and share their perspectives.

The SYNEIDON Research Project is also conducting research into ways in which a dialogue can be formed between the two approaches and where each community can be enriched by the other.


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