Mark Through Different Eyes

The traditional symbol of the Gospel of Mark

With an emphasis upon accessibility and interaction, this course provides an excellent way of reading the Gospel of Mark as if for the first time. Ideally the course consists of a day of workshops and end with a performative reading in the evening (or at a Sunday service). 

During the day we spend time looking at Mark's style, structure and language as well as placing the Gospel in its historical context. We also look at wider issues, such as how the Gospels were written, what they looked like and importantly how they were used by the first Christians.

The day culminates by drawing all that we have explored together in a reading of Mark as it would have been heard by the first Christians. This can prove to be an enlightening and moving experience for all concerned. It can also function as a special event for the church as a whole.  

Mark Through Different Eyes Course Details


 A morning, afternoon and an evening session. It is possible to hold the evening session on a separate day (for a special service) if required.


(tailored to your requirements, typical contents shown)

Mark's language and structure; use of irony and geography; question of endings. 

Why Mark wrote Mark

Mark's gospel and his Gospel.

Book composition and transmission - Christianity's legacy (including, what the oldest copy looks like)

The Gospels in the early Church

'Reading Mark through different eyes' - a performative reading of Mark's Gospel

Maximum attendance

This course can be tailored to any sized group


All necessary equipment will be provided by SYNEIDON - however attendees are encouraged to bring their favourite translation/paraphrase of Mark


To be provided by client