The World of the New Testament (a)


Enter the fascinating world which produced the New Testament.

The world in which the New Testament originated provides the clues to understanding the writing, development and publication of the New Testament. The course will look who could have read (and written) the documents that became the New Testament, and how letters, like Paul's, were composed. We will also look at clues about what the first century 'postal' service might have been like. We will also examine the process of how 'books' were copied and how this came to shape the modern New Testament that we have today. We will also see the long-lasting and fundamental legacy of the first Christians to book production (even in the age of the computer) 

Other areas which can  be considered are: What does Mark mean by Gospel? How did the first Christians use the New Testament?

This course can be extended from an evening course - 2.5 hours - to a full day (morning and afternoon or afternoon and evening) with workshops.


The World of the New Testament (a)


 This course can be an all day course, comprising two sessions or as a stand alone introduction for an evening (2.5 hours).


(tailored to requirements - typical contents shown)

Reading and writing at the time of Jesus and the early church

What the first 'New Testament' writings looked like - its distinguishing features and legacy

How the early church used their writings

Questions of genre and canonical development can also be examined.

Maximum Attendance

There is no maximum attendance for this course


SYNEIDON will provide all necessary materials and equipment


If required, refreshments are to be provided by the client