The World of the New Testament (b)

This course covers broadly similar material to that in The World of the New Testament (a). However, the emphasis is on practical, 'hands-on' experience which the whole family to join in. 

By learning about the practicalities of reading and writing, we will discover how the New Testament was written, what the individual documents would have looked like, how it was copied and how it was used.

The World of the New Testament (b)


Half day (2x 1.5 hour sessions)


(can be tailored to suit requirements)

Reading and writing at the time of Jesus and the early church

Have a go at using a scroll, book and wax tablet

What is it like to be a scribe? - Be Paul's secretary (practical)

Maximum attendance

All children must be accompanied and supervised by responsible adults.


SYNEIDON will provide all necessary equipment


If required, to be provided by client