Interim Results to the Bible Poll


Although the poll is still running, the interim totals for the Bible poll, as of Friday 30th January 2009, are as follows:

Preferred version for personal use

There are now 18 versions appearing in our poll; although the Hebrew/Greek and the literal version are unspecified.  

The NRSV still rates as the most popular version with the NIV attracting the greatest increase in votes. The NASB holds a firm third position.  


Bible Versions used in Churches

The most striking trend has been the increase in the variety of translations that have been reported as being used during church services. The poll now shows 14 different versions.  

It must be noted that the sample size of this section of the poll is smaller than that shown in the Personal Use poll. This is because roughly a third of submitted forms omit any mention of versions used within church services. 

42% of those responding indicated that their choice of Bible version was different from that normally used within their church.  

Although incomplete, it has been decided to use this data as a way of indicating the most popular versions used within churches (denominations are unknown) and as a comparison against those used for personal purposes.   


Stated reasons for preference of version for personal use 

91% of the comments concerning the choice of preference related to issues of translation of the text. Of these: 

  1. 74% cite the accuracy of translation from the Hebrew and Greek and the way the English reflects the original language as a major concern. 

  2. 9% refer to theological tendency within the English translation as a primary factor for their choice. 

  3.  21% cited other reasons which include: ease of memorisation, familiarity, popularity. 

Some respondents expressed more than one reason for their choice of Bible version.

11% of respondents stated that printed/electronic helps and readers' aids associated with a particular version influenced their choice.


Other Information 

8% of the total respondents indicated that they did not attend church.



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