Biographical Background - Dr. Richard Goode

Picture of Richard Goode

The SYNEIDON Research Project is led by Richard Goode at the University of Birmingham.

Married to Donna, I live in Warwickshire with two degus.

I was born on the Grand Union canal (in Rickmansworth) in a converted ship's lifeboat. At the age of 3, we moved to Kings Langley, Herts, where I attended the  Kings Langley Infant, Junior and Senior schools. After a spectacularly mediocre career as a pupil, I fell off the end with a clutch of mid-ranged CSEs. Nevertheless, the combination of a quietly spoken history teacher together with the books of R J Unstead (Black's Junior Reference series) and Cynthia Harnett instilled in me an awareness of the personal and cultural imperative of the past.

Since then, I have variously worked in electronics (fond memories of laughter and the smell of solder), the church and as a classroom assistant supporting Traveller and Gypsy children attending schools all over Hertfordshire.

However, being brought up in a family who were (and still are) voracious learners, it was probably only a matter of time before I returned to studying. In 1996 I enrolled on an excellent ACCESS to Higher Education course at West Herts College. The ACCESS course provided me with the skills to gain a Bachelor of Theology (BTh) at Westminster College (Oxford). It was while I was there that my lecturer in New Testament studies (Dr. Christine Joynes) first helped me take my first tentative footsteps into a new and exciting world - the world of Biblical Studies. 

Subsequently, with AHRB funding, I undertook an MA in Biblical Studies at Birmingham where a second new world was revealed to me by my supervisor Prof. David Parker - that of early Christian manuscripts and textual criticism. My MA provided a framework for my doctoral research (also AHRB/C funded) on Textuality in First and Second Century Christianity

Other interests include geology and astronomy, in which I delight in being a happy and appallingly ignorant amateur. For recreation you can find me slowly meandering the lanes of Warwickshire on a bicycle. When it is too windy to bicycle (I very rarely 'cycle'), I like nothing more than climbing one of the nearby hills (a windswept North Norfolk beach is just as good) with Donna and flying kites in a rook strewn sky.