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The table presents a broad guideline to the courses that we offer. Please remember that they are for guidance only and can be altered to suit your particular need. Alternatively, if there are any specific issues or subjects that you would like to see covered please do not hesitate to contact us.

Courses comprising more than 1 session can be held over a couple of days or evenings.



Typical Length Course Level
General Advanced Children
Mark Through Different Eyes A detailed look at Mark, covering many aspects, and culminating in a performative reading 3 sessions (morning, afternoon, evening) a   n
Jesus' World (a) A look at the world in which Jesus and his disciples lived 1 - 2 sessions a a  
Jesus' World (b) Similar to the previous course, but targeted more towards families and  practical activities 2 sessions a   a
Does Greek Make a Difference? Examining the issues of the Bible as a translated work  1 - 2 sessions a a  
The World of the New Testament (a) Exploring how the New Testament was written, read and copied by the first Christians 1 -2 sessions a n  
The World of the New Testament (b) Covering similar material to the course above, but targeted more towards family participation 1 session a   a
Other Voices An exploration at the writings of the early Church outside the New Testament 1 - 2


a n  
Advanced Courses Developing a foundation for using the Bible in ministerial and theological contexts on request   a  

n indicates courses which, although not specifically targeted at this level, can accommodate this group.