How Does Greek make a Difference?

A course that explores the Bible as a translated book

This course is designed to make as think closely about how meaning is conveyed. It looks at two issues of translation: i) translating from a different language and ii) translating from a different culture. Using the RSV and AV as base texts, individually or in groups we will then create our own 'translation' of a specific text, targeted to a particular group.

It is important to note that knowledge of Greek is not required for this course.

Does Greek make a Difference? Course Details


Two sessions: morning and afternoon or afternoon and evening or over two evenings


(Typical - can be tailored to suit requirements)

Session A: Translating language and culture; Literal and dynamic translations

Session B: Working in groups or individually on a selected passage to produce new 'translation' for a targeted group

Maximum attendance

This course can be tailored to suit any size group


All necessary equipment will be provided by SYNEIDON - however, attendees will gain more from the course if they bring along a copy of  their 'favourite' (or disliked) translation/paraphrase


If required, to be provided by client