Other Voices

A look at the non-canonical writings of early Christianity

This course explores a facet of the early Church which is often overlooked; its apocryphal tradition. The course gives us an opportunity to look at a range of early Christian literature and examine what they tell us about the first Christians. There has been a growing interest in this area following the publication of the Gospel of Judas and the Da Vinci Code.

Other Voices Course Details

Duration  1 session (2 - 2.5 hours) 

(Typical -can be tailored to suit requirements)

Introduction to the literary context of the New Testament writings

Look at the broad categories of non-canonical writing

Look more specifically at

  • Papyrus Egerton 2 (The Unknown Gospel)
  • Gospel of Thomas
  • Gospel of Philip (or Judas)
  • Didache

Wider apocryphal writings - Infancy Gospel traditions and Gospel of the Cock

Non-canonical writings and the Church


Maximum Attendance This course can be tailored to suit any sized group
Equipment All materials and equipment are provided by SYNEIDON
Refreshments Refreshments (if required) to be provided by client