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Alana Taylor

Teaching New Testament Greek

Hikmat Kachouh

Early Arabic Gospels

Kyuseok Han

Paul's understanding of salvation in Galatians


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Think of this section and its allied pages as a friendly Senior Common Room where you can either sit back and quietly listen to the hum of other people talking about their work or join in with the exciting buzz of ideas and argument.  

Here is an opportunity to hear about research in progress or recently completed in  a little more depth than can be attained in the Research Digest section. Unless otherwise noted, all research featured in this section has not, as yet, been published. 


Academic Research thrives on discussion and the exchange of ideas, which is why the Common Room can play such an important role in any college or university. Moreover, research can be a rather solitary experience and academics, like most people, love to talk about and discuss things that interest them. The common room is an ideal placed for this.


The common room has one further function which is arguably its most important. It is here that new ideas can be expressed and their merits discussed; new arguments are suggested and new ways to approach problems are put forward. The scholars featured in Research Profiles are all very interested to hear from you, to answer your questions and to discuss aspects of their work and findings. So whether you are a fellow academic who are involved in a parallel area of research or someone with no academic background, but are interested to know more about their work please feel free to get in touch.