Bible Study on the Internet Survey

The Internet is proving to be a valuable tool in Biblical Studies. While some still prefer their paper versions of the scriptures, more and more are discovering the benefit of the electronic editions. Codices from Nad Hammadi

The fact that new technologies are so readily adopted in relation to the use of the Bible seems particularly apt. It has been argued that one of the main reasons that the first Christians championed the use of the codex (book form) instead of the prevailing scroll, was that it was easier to cross reference different texts and thereby enhance their Bible study. 

E-Bibles and Tools

laptop imageElectronic texts are now beginning to shape a new understanding and approach to the Biblical texts incorporating tools and resources of which the ancients could have only dreamed. Some respondents to our Bible Poll kindly recommended a number of sites and Internet tools. We would like to extend this so that we can not only gain an indication of the extent to which electronic texts and tools are used, but also be able to pass on your recommendations to others on this site.

The strength of this new page will be that sites and software will be listed based on the recommendations of the end-user rather than the claims of advertisements. In other words, they will be things that you yourselves have found useful.

At the moment, we will retain the option of anonymity of respondents, but if it appears that it is becoming used for some surreptitious advertising we may have to revise that option. As always, if you do submit your email it will not be passed on to any third parties.

Network Groups

There is a further aspect in which the Internet is exerting an influence: global and specialised communities. No longer are groups restricted by geographical boundaries. Frustrated theologians and Bible students are no longer dependent upon their own small circle of friends and acquaintances drawn from their local church. People of like minds and interests can form their own interest groups. One of the spin-off benefits of the SYNEIDON is that it is becoming something of a community - so much so that we have now set up an account on Facebook.

To help us gauge how we can develop our online presence and provide more effective resources, we would be grateful if you could fill in the following poll relating to your online activities.

E-Bibles and Tools

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